A Review of RealMe GT Master Edition Smartphones


RealMe GT is one of two new Gingerbread phones that RealNetworks has introduced this year. The other phone is the RealMeShell. This is a revolutionary phone from RealNetworks that offers many features that Gingerbread does not, like a web browser or file manager. In the past, Gingerbread phones were slow to load websites, and had problems connecting to data networks. However, with the RealMe GT, users can experience the benefits of a Gingerbread phone without the disadvantages.

RealMe GT includes an incredibly useful technology called Realufactured Termination. This technology allows the phone to have a speedy mobile response time, while eliminating the probability of any dropped calls. This is because all calls are placed through the same frequency as the network. RealMe also includes a new feature called Turbo Refresh, which refreshes the user interface when the battery life drops below a certain point.

The RealMe GT has an incredibly nice camera, which is the reason why it is sold at such a low price. The phone has a 1.2 megapixel camera on the rear, which is a decent size for a smartphone. Users can upload pictures directly from their digital camera to the phone, which makes it easy to take pictures in many different settings, including casual pictures in bright daylight. The phone also supports video calling and has access to Google Maps. Users can also use the multi-orientation support on the phone, which is fantastic if you’re interested in taking pictures in many different orientations.

The battery life on the RealMe GT is pretty decent for a smart phone, though it is not as long as some of the devices on the market. The phone supports Quick Charge, which allows users to quickly get the battery fully charged. The phone also offers an impressive amount of memory, which will allow for plenty of storage space. The large screen and wide fonts will make it easy for anyone to view text and images without having to read the information out loud. The phone also features a nice combination of hardware and software features, including an excellent GPS device and a high-end speaker. realme gt master edition

On the software side of things, the RealMe GT master edition comes with Google Maps, which is probably more than most people need. The device also comes with Google Voice, which offers VoIP capabilities over wifi. Users also have access to Google Earth, which offer detailed directions, weather reports, and map images. On the web side of things, users will find that Android Kit Kat 4.2 is pre-installed. This means that all of the popular Google applications including Chrome, Gmail, and Google+ come pre-installed on this smartphone. If you want to use any of these particular applications, you will definitely find them on this phone.

In terms of performance on the mobile platform, the RealMe GT Master Edition features a powerful chipset and a powerful camera. With an Adreno processor and a front-mounted camera that is equipped with a high-definition, pixel filter-covered lens, the RealMe GT is capable of high-quality video recording. The device also has built-in connectivity options such as a built-in Bluetooth connection for your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, allowing you to text and call friends while you are on the go. The rear camera has a larger screen and a bright, crisp image, which make it easier to take quality pictures. Users also have access to Google Maps, so users can easily navigate through any destination on the map.

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