Experience True Performance With The Samsung Galaxy M01


Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a great features and a great price tag too. It is one of the first android phones from Samsung with an Always on Display feature. It has a stunning and unique design which looks great. It looks elegant and chic and it also does not weigh you down at all. This is one of the best mobile phones which one can buy online Samsung Galaxy M01.

Samsung Galaxy M01 has a beautiful touch screen which looks exquisite. Samsung Galaxy S series has been a great success with its high-end technology and great looks too. Samsung Galaxy S7 has also been introduced in the market and comes with a similar touch screen which makes it more exciting and modern. Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a stylish and sleek body which looks fantastic and classy. Samsung Galaxy M01 has a nice and big home button which can be easily be pressed to get started.

Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a unique dual tone display and a seco samsung galaxy m01 ndary sensor too which helps to capture a clearer picture and better quality selfies. Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a huge, 6 mega pixel capacitive display which looks bright and crisp. There is a smooth and brilliant backlight which gives Samsung Galaxy M01 an awesome look. There are no icons which have stuck out, this is a nice feature. There is no auto-focus on the Samsung Galaxy S7 but that might come in the future as the company continues to experiment with the auto-focus feature.

Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy S7 has many other features like microSD slot, USB data cable, dual band GSM antenna, heart rate monitor, built-in memory card, FM radio and many others. The battery life of Samsung Galaxy S7 remains amazing when it comes to single and multiple tasks. The device also offers decent sound quality and has clear video output. Apart from all these, the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers good connectivity options like infrared, GPS and USB Type-C. This has made the device a popular choice for people who love travelling and are always on the move.

A Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a powerful 2.5 mega-core processor from Samsung and this allows the device to launch applications faster than any other smartphone in the market today. There are plenty of advanced features packed into this smartphone which is perfect for a corporate user. It has a large 5 MP camera with optical zoom which can easily handle low light situations. There is also a wide-angle lens capable of taking panoramic images and it comes with built-in image editing tools.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a large LCD display which has a crisp clarity and makes watching videos a pleasure. There is no such thing as HD viewing on the Samsung Galaxy M01 and its display is definitely clearer than the iPhone 6s Plus. The device also offers users an impressive amount of RAM and this helps it perform well even under heavy workloads like web browsing. Samsung Galaxy M01 has a fingerprint scanner which allows users to log into their accounts with ease and gives them a complete home button experience which no other smartphone can provide. The device also offers a unique feature which is known as Samsung’s ‘turbo boost’.

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