Is the OnePlus 9R the Best Mobile Phone?


The new flagship smartphone of Oxygen OS, the OnePlus 9R was released in the country just before the end of October last year. This device is based on the Android 4.4 Kit Kat and comes with many features including an all-rounded user experience. It is a fresh release which offers different options compared to many other smartphone in the market. This review aims to discuss about some of the unique aspects of this smartphone. This post also compares this handset with the others currently available in the market.

The most striking feature of the Oxygen OS is its extremely large 5.5-inch display that offers a nice viewing area. In terms of size and design, the OnePlus 9R matches the OnePlus 8T slightly. The 9R, meanwhile, feels a bit too big and bulky, though the solid construction quality is quite solid. The chunky chin strap is probably the only downside to this handset’s design. Overall, the OxygenOS 11 gives you great value for money despite its pricey price.

One of the unique aspects of the OxygenOS 11 is its in-display fingerprint scanner which acts as its multi-point camera. This smartphone comes with a dual camera setup in one of its sides. You can take a picture or shoot an image with the camera in one of its sides using the provided USB cable. Apart from the photo shooting feature, this phone also offers a standard video recording feature. The oneplus 9R’s in-display fingerprint scanner also ensures that you can use it easily without having to turn your mobile around.

The oneplus 9R’s virtual keyboard has a very large key set that includes symbols, numbers, and special characters along with some typical alpha-numeric sequences. This means that you can type faster than you would have done with any other phone. However, it can be said that the virtual keyboard on this handset is not as OnePlus 9R   easy to navigate as the on-screen one, though this will vary from user to user.

The biggest disadvantage of this handset is its lack of headphone jack support. Oxygen OS still does not have a way to plug in your headphones so you are forced to use wired headphones to listen to music or take pictures. If you want to use wired headphones then you might want to consider buying a wireless Bluetooth adapter from the market. While the OnePlus 9R can handle up to a 500 ft line of wireless Bluetooth, the larger onePlus 870 soc could potentially handle even more.

The Adreno 650 gpu is actually the newest member of the two big families of Adreno family of processors. The primary reason behind the creation of these two companies was to create a platform that has similar power to the iPhone and Android smartphone platforms, without sacrificing the high quality of performance. This means that the OnePlus 9R has a lot of processing power but it lacks the high end Adreno family which could make it a better choice if you are looking for a high performance smartphone. In terms of connectivity, it comes with only a USB type A port and an Ethernet port which is not present on the HTC UFlex or the iPhone 7 Plus.

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