Simulate a Climate in Your Reptile Vivarium

Every reptile feels most comfortable in their natural habitat. When a reptile is domesticated, or put into a reptile vivarium, they need to feel some sense of comfort. This is important for many reasons. If a reptile’s natural environment is not at least partially simulated, the pet will become unresponsive and mean to anyone trying to interact with it. There is also a possibility that the reptile would stop eating altogether if it is so negatively affected by the unfavorable habitat. That situation is a nightmare for anyone. Here is how to avoid it and keep your reptile’s happy:

If you present your reptile with all that it needs to survive in their reptile vivarium; water, food, light, heat, enough living space, and hiding space, then your reptile will love you. This is part one of a series of articles outlining what all reptile owners should do to keep their pets more than just alive; alive and happy! things to do in pomona this weekend

Lets begin with climate:

There are over 8,000 known species of lizards. That isn’t counting any other varieties of reptiles, like turtles and crocodiles! There are also a dozen different climates that only certain types of reptiles can live in. Several species live in ponds and rivers, while others strive only under humid, rain forest conditions. Always keep in mind that simulating your reptile’s natural environment in a reptile vivarium is the most important factor in keeping it happy and healthy. And to do that, you must simulate their natural climate’s conditions.

Climates and Conditions

  • Rain-forest – always keep the environment wet and moist by covering the floor with substrates like moss. Install a mister that sprays the inside of the reptile vivarium every so often. Install a fog machine that keeps the air foggy and humid.
  • Desert – cover the floor with a gravel or sand substrate. Install a heat lamp that is provides a hot, but dry heat. Keep the humidity to a minimum, but supply more than enough water for the reptile to bathe in and drink from.
  • Savannah – Find a medium between rain-forest and desert in the reptile vivarium. Make sure you include both elements of dampness and shady spots.

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