What Ingredients Are Used In Perma Blend Pigments?

What Ingredients Are Used In Perma Blend Pigments? 

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Perma blend is a line of professional makeup pigments created for microblading, micro pigmentation, and machine work. They feature concentrated color and high pigment content. They can be used for lip microblading, eyeliner, and cover-ups. However, before you use Perma blend pigments, you should know what ingredients are in the product. Here are the three main components: High-density load, long-lasting color, and non-fading pigment. These three ingredients make Perma blend a popular brand among hair colorists.

High-density load:

Perma blend stands out in the premium permanent cosmetics market with its high-density load pigments, which ensure expert results without any color change. Perma blend’s permanent makeup products are vegan-friendly and have never tested on animals. They also contain only the best ingredients.

Long-lasting color:

The Perma blend is an excellent choice if you want to achieve long-lasting color in your tattoos. The brand offers a full range of tattoo pigments that are both safe and effective. These pigments are certified vegan and cruelty-free. They also pass regulatory standards and are gamma-sterilized for maximum effectiveness. In addition, the company’s production facility has received ISO 13485 certification, the same standard that helps manufacturers make medical devices. This certification ensures the production and delivery of high-quality, safe products.

Perma blend is a line of cosmetic tattoo pigments that meets the strictest standards for safety. These pigments are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, and come in seven shades ranging from light to dark. Perma blend is the brainchild of Tina Davies, a long-time microblading and PMU expert. These pigments can be mixed with any brand of the tattoo machine.

Non-fading pigment:

The pigment used in the Perma blend is non-fading and has a long-lasting effect. Perma blend pigments are free from impurities, making them environmentally friendly and extremely durable. Additionally, because the pigment is not broken down by skin cells, it does not fade.

Perma blend pigments are easy to apply and lay down beautifully. The pigment is designed for professional use and should not be used on pregnant women or those with allergies. It is also recommended to store the pigment in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. The Perma blend product line contains only certified ingredients that will not harm your skin or look unnatural.

Perma blend pigments are the leading brand in the premium permanent makeup industry. The pigments in the Perma blend meet the strict safety standards set by the Canadian authority. They are also sterile and stable, which are important for cosmetics and tattoo applications.

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